For machine manufacturers who want to create new, additional benefits for their customers with attractive IoT services, we offer the IoT service in 100 days.

Within 100 days you’ll get an individual IoT service, which really helps your customers.

In contrast to providers with ready-made solutions, we develop the IoT service together with you. With your expertise and our methodology, and a growing understanding of customer needs, you will become an active designer of digital development.





With our structured approach in 3 phases with 5 defined milestones, you know in advance what results you can expect. Each milestone sets the course for further action and provides you with a basis for deciding how to proceed.



In the initial phase, we work with you to assess your strengths and weaknesses in IoT and business model innovation. In a first, two-day workshop, concrete ideas and initial concepts for your future IoT services are developed.


With the second milestone you have already conceived concrete service ideas with a team of your choice in a five-day sprint. Together with their customers, we have examined their needs and interests. We also developed a Discovery Plan which describes how the resulting ideas are tested in detail.

At the same time, some of your machines were already connected to the framework as technical proof-of-concept, so that the basic technical feasibility is proven.


After the test phase you have an IoT service that has already been validated with customers, which really pleases them and for which they are willing to pay. This is ensured by iteratively adapting the idea to the customer feedback and, if necessary, completely revising the business model in this phase. At the same time, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a focus on the user experience is completed and tested accordingly.


With the fourth milestone you have a market-ready prototype that has been intensively tested in all important areas. You also know which customers really want to use your new service.


The market launch for selected pilot customers is prepared. The exact procedure has been agreed, the technical details have been clarified and further activities for marketing and operations are planned.

You are now on the market with your new IoT service, congratulations! 




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Keywords such as "Digital Transformation", "Industry 4.0" and "Industrial IoT" have been used for years at conferences or in everyday business life. Due to technological progress, manufacturers and machine builders are facing major changes. They connect their own plants with their partners and with their customers. Nevertheless, a large part of the potential of digital networking is not exhausted or even unknown.

The processes involved are very lengthy and usually not oriented towards the end customer. We therefore focus on identifying and validating the appropriate offer from the customer's side, while the technical aspects are already optimally covered. This results in a significantly shorter development time of only 100 days, which also leads to a more suitable IoT service.

It is particularly difficult for successful companies to optimize their current operational business and at the same time develop new business opportunities. Every company is faced with the question of how it can open up the possibilities of digitisation under these conditions in order to offer its customers new, attractive services.

It is our concern that you can offer your customers the right solution - and of course this is only possible together!

You know your customers, your machines and the environment. We bring along the methodical and technological knowledge. Together we develop IoT services from which you and your customers benefit. At the same time, you will develop the skills in your team to further develop these IoT services and create new ones.

In order to present our offer as transparently as possible, we have summarized the core aspects and most important reasons for our approach below. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


IoT - the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things represents the vision of connecting every object in the physical world to the Internet. With sensors and processors becoming cheaper, the objects become smart – allowing them to record information about their environment, their own condition and to communicate with the Internet and other smart objects. According to Gartner, more than 20 billion such smart objects will be in use worldwide by 2020. Under the terms Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, these objects are increasingly gaining acceptance in an industrial context. This generates an enormous amount of data. An annual growth rate of 30 percent is assumed until 2025.

The analysis of this data has enormous potential for optimizing processes, identifying customer problems and thus solving these problems. No company can afford to neglect this potential in the future. With our concept we want to support you specifically to ensure that your company does not miss the connection.

Business Model Innovation

“In the future, competition will not take place between products and companies, but business models” (Gary Hamel, Creator of the idea of core competence)

The obvious way to use the Internet of Things and data is to improve transparency and efficiency in production. There is much greater potential in creating added value for customers with innovative business models and at the same time creating new, profitable sources of income.

Collected, aggregated and evaluated machine data enable insights into usage behaviour on a new scale. Digital services that use this knowledge open up the possibility for innovative business models. The spectrum ranges from the recommendation of the suitable machine configuration, intelligent maintenance or software-defined performance features to the offer that customers only pay for the use of a machine.

They can generate new benefits for their customers (WHO) through digital services (WHAT). This creates a new type of data-based added value (HOW), in turn enabling new revenue models such as pay-per-use or performance-related remuneration (WHY).

The use of the St.Gallen Business Model NavigatorTM supports thinking in business models and offers a systematic approach for design and implementation. The focus on business models ensures that the monetization of the new services is also developed and tested. Who wants to offer a service that doesn't pay off?


Expertise, know-how, qualification, experience - no matter what name we use for it, everyone is aware that knowledge is a central building block for corporate success. Especially for IoT and Industry 4.0, employees and the entire company face new requirements - not only with regard to technical knowledge, but also with regard to methodological knowledge.
Our approach ensures that you gain customer-oriented knowledge and experience within the scope of our cooperation in order to become an active designer of your future. Your employees gain methodological expertise and practical expertise in a new environment and are enabled to apply this knowledge and to implement corresponding projects independently in the future.

Platform versus Framework

Many companies today are faced with the task to identify the right IoT platform for them. Typically, a corresponding selection process starts with a comprehensive analysis of all technical aspects. The selection can take several months. And then you have not yet implemented a new service. Only when you have developed the first applications do you realize how well the chosen platform really fits. Then, however, a change is only possible under high costs and further delays.

On the other hand, it is possible to use an IoT framework – which our offer is based on. A framework is a precisely coordinated toolset with predefined basic functionalities and services. New services can now be individually designed, developed and tested with customers. However, we do not leave you alone in this process, but work out these services together with you and ensure their benefits in advance. If you wish, you can purchase the framework and continue to use it as you wish. Thus you always remain in control of your technology.

Customer-centricity & Time-to-Market

Customer orientation is the key to a successful new service. This includes recognizing what the customer wants and what problems he has. Building on this, a solution needs to be offered that solves these problems and for which the customer is prepared to pay. At the same time, one is confronted with the challenge that the customer himself often does not know what he wants.

"If I'd asked people what they wanted, they'd have said faster horses." (Henry Ford)

With the help of our approach based on the St.Gallen Business Model NavigatorTM, we ensure that your expertise and creativity create the service idea that the customer may not even know they want.

However, the customer will recognize this very quickly, since you test and check your offer together with us directly with your customers. Fast iteration cycles and a large number of validation experiments help to identify potential weak points and eliminate them prematurely.

With each cycle you learn what customers accept and what they are willing to pay for. On the other hand, your own company learns how it can offer digital services, continuously improve them, obtain regular customer feedback and integrate their suggestions for improvement of your solution. The agile development of the technology platform allows your idea to be brought to the customer in the shortest possible time, so that at the end of the process you can launch an offer that your customers love.



The blu Gruppe and the BMI Lab share the same enthusiasm for innovation and the conviction that real new benefits can only be created together with customers and partners. blu brings technological expertise, immediately applicable frameworks and relevant experience from many IoT projects. The BMI Lab is a leader in business model innovation and building innovation capabilities. With the St.Gallen Business Model NavigatorTM it brings a scientifically and practice-proven procedure with it. Together with you and your employees, we form a team that successfully opens up new digital territory and delivers concrete results.

Driven by enthusiasm for technology and passion, driven by experience. blu Gruppe sees itself as a provider of high-quality solutions in the areas of custom development, big data, cloud and security.

Driven by enthusiasm for technology and passion, driven by experience. blu Gruppe sees itself as a provider of high-quality solutions in the areas of custom development, big data, cloud and security.

The BMI Lab is a spin-off of the University of St. Gallen. We prepare companies for the future by supporting them in developing new business models and building innovative capabilities.

The BMI Lab is a spin-off of the University of St. Gallen. We prepare companies for the future by supporting them in developing new business models and building innovative capabilities.